What is Fizzyex?

Fizzyex is a platform developed for those who want to enter the world of Crypto Money, offering the opportunity to easily buy, sell, transfer and accumulate Crypto Money without using complex graphic and analysis tools. It is designed for users who are new to the Crypto Money world to easily make transactions.

Fizzyex facilitates the Crypto Money buying and selling process for you. You can easily buy and sell Crypto Money in Fizzyex, just like buying and selling foreign currency.

After you become a member of Fizzyex, you can immediately start buying and selling Crypto Money by sending US Dollars or Euros from a bank account on your behalf.

After logging into Fizzyex, you can see all Crypto Money buying and selling prices on the panel on the same screen and complete all your transactions on a single screen with a few clicks.

Digital wallet; It is the name given to an electronic wallet system where debit card, credit card or prepaid cards are defined in one place. ... In other words, digital wallet holders can make payments easily, securely and practically thanks to the digital wallet.

A digital wallet is a special software program that works like a regular wallet. It is your digital wallet that you can access through your web browser or mobile phone to store your digital wallets, crypto money, view your account information (balance, transfer history, etc.) and all your crypto money transfers.

Before starting a trading or investment transaction with any crypto currency, a place to store these money is needed. In the simplest terms, the software that will prove the existence of your money, make it possible to make transactions easily and control your balance when necessary is called a crypto money wallet or digital wallet.

Digital currencies are issued and controlled by an authority. Therefore, digital currencies have a central structure. There is no authority behind crypto coins and crypto coins are developed in a decentralized structure.

Transactions with digital currencies can be performed by users with their real identities. Therefore, transactions are not confidential. When making transactions with crypto currencies, personal information is not needed and this information is not shared with any authority. Therefore, transactions made with crypto money are totally confidential.

Although digital currencies are regulated by many countries with legal regulations, cryptocurrencies are relatively new assets, which are limited by a small number of countries.

While digital currency transactions are very weak against cyber-attacks and open to manipulation compared to crypto currencies, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are much stronger and safer against such attacks.

Crypto money is a fully digital, encrypted, virtual currency that can be used in exchange transactions. For some, it is the currency of the future.

Today, cryptocurrencies are a phenomenon that has been heard by many, and has attracted a lot of attention from heads of state to giant companies. Cryptography is used to verify and securely perform clearing transactions. It does not have any physical counterpart.

Originally, the money spent and transferred with debit cards and credit cards are also virtual currencies, because only the system data changes as a result of these transactions. Crypto coins have the same principle of operation. However, it is a system that is not managed by any authority or government, i.e. decentralized, which makes the system more secure.

You can use Credit / Debit Card, Bank Transfer and cryptocurrency methods.